New Year's Tree Box


from participants in last year's New Year's Tree Workshop:

"The group itself was very life-giving!"

"It always helps to tune in and listen to my inner voice. Art therapy facilitates this process for me."

"The workshop provided a unique opportunity to consider goals for the coming year. Great guided meditation and facilitation! It was fun and insightful."

Create a Unique Memento

Creating a New Year's Tree Box

is a way to:

- Harvest learnings from 2020
- Let go of what no longer serves you
- Acknowledge qualities you've built
- Put out hopeful branches for 2021
- Express and Release in a safe community
- Experience the simple power of Art Therapy
- Create a momento to hang on your wall/put on your desk

For anyone ages 8 - 88+   Only 12 spots!



Saturday, January 9th, 2021

1:00-3:30pm EST


$20 (including tax)
Family price: $15 each for 2+ people 
Send an etransfer to:

A Zoom link will be sent the day of the event!

Materials needed: 















- a cereal or cracker box (smaller than 8.5x11)
- a thin piece of cardboard or construction paper at least 8.5x11
- pen/sharpie for writing
- masking tape
- glue
- scissors
- paint brushes of different sizes
- acrylic paint (have some white on hand to paint over the box)
- scraps of coloured paper (you can paint your own ahead of time!)
- anything you want to decorate your tree with ie. stickers, sparkles, feathers, magazine cut-outs, pom-poms etc.