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 Paint Your Inner Voice 

Join other amazing women like you in getting:

  • clarity and self-confidence in your decisions

  • reconnected to yourself and others in an authentic, supportive community

  • improved mental health!


Are you feeling:


  • like something's missing, but you're not sure what?


  • like you seem "ok" to others but inside you feel unfulfilled?


  • like you've tried many different things to get unstuck - including arts and crafts - but they don't really work?

  • isolated and like others don't get what you're going through?

 If so, you’re going to love
Paint Your Inner Voice because:

Creator and Facilitator Hailey Tallman: Why I created PYIV

 Then you’re going to love
Paint Your Inner Voice because:
  • You paint with other women in a safe, supportive group designed for complete beginners or veteran painters - PYIV is about the process and not the product!

  • You can heal your art scars (inner critic) and rediscover your creativity!

  • You learn to actively hear your inner voice speaking to you moment by moment and find beautiful, intuitive answers within your painting!​

  • You are guided by an experienced art therapist and get inspired by the group!

If you're tired of feeling:

  • disconnected from others, yourself, and your purpose

  • feeling blocked/numb

  • doubtful about what to do with your life

  • your mind is always so busy and overwhelmed.....

Weekly Sessions of the Paint Your Inner Voice Practice available

Times vary - please email me to find out the current regular time:
(Eastern Standard Time, Toronto, Canada)

Ways to Join the Practice:

1) 1 drop-in session = $55 (tax incl.)

2) Package of 4 sessions = $192 (tax incl.) 
+1 free Community Session
+ Access to Private Facebook Group
(total value = $227! Save $32!)


"The PYIV process got better and better with each session. It takes practice to shush your inner critic and truly listen to your inner voice. By the time I had completed several sessions, I found that I was beginning to trust what came out of me more fully and could do so with less judgement each time. Learning to listen to and trust your inner voice is such a tremendous experience."

                                                 Nicole Hanson


Hi! I'm Hailey Tallman, art therapist and creator of Paint Your Inner Voice.  Sadly, I didn't always make art even though I loved it. I got derailed and lost my way many a time after looking outside of myself for my path. I trusted the opinions and advice of others more than I trusted my inner voice.

Once I started painting intuitively, I got back in touch with my inner voice, my life got back on track, and I knew there was no looking back! Paint Your Inner Voice is the method that I've developed to help you regain your sense of purpose and rediscover your inner voice. I want every woman to trust her wise inner knowing and creatively follow her calling, so we can change the world!

Join me and the other amazing women in my groups in revealing the answers waiting within you. Say yes to your inner voice - say YES to you!!

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When you sign-up for

the Paint Your Inner Voice Practice

you get:

  • a preventive method of self-care to maintain and improve your mental health

  • a choice between 4 - 8 sessions, 135 minutes each, 3 months to use them all

  • guided mindful meditation to find your centre

  • at least an hour each session to paint intuitively and follow your inner voice

  • 1:1 guidance on how to unblock your creativity and silence your inner critic

  • journal prompts so you can harvest the wisdom in your painting

  • a safe group of accepting women who witness your work and your writing
  • to be a witness for the other women in the group as they share authentically

  • access to the private Facebook group!

  • a free Community Session! (These are sliding scale so you save between $7 - $50 depending on your income!)

More Testimonials


The PYIV process is less about the actual painting and more about how it makes you feel and think about yourself. Witnessing the other women's paintings was really powerful. It helped me.have a sense of connectedness which is really lacking right now.


Paint Your Inner Voice  exceeded my expectations! Through it I have gotten a better idea of what my purpose is!

Yoda Olinyk

I recommend PYIV to anyone who is feeling stuck. This last year has brought so many challanges for so many of us, and giving yourself 2 hours to just BE with yourself and your creative energy is such a gift.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to know how to Paint? 

A: No you do not! You just have to be open and willing to put brush to paper and follow your inner voice. 

Q: Are there any refunds?

A: If for any reason you are not satisfied, just send me an email and I will refund you 100%!

Q: Is it in person or online?

A: Online. When you sign-up you will receive a Zoom link.

Q: What materials do I need, and are they expensive?

A: You just need some basic art materials - liquid water-based paint, brushes, paper. The quality doesn't really matter as we are painting for process and not for product. You will get a more detailed list of materials when you sign-up.

Q: Is it worth it to buy a package instead of a single session?

A: Yes! When you buy a 4 session package, you save $32! When you buy an 8 session package you save $108!!

Q: What's the difference between "The PYIV Practice" and Community Sessions?

A: Glad you asked! The PYIV Practice is with a much smaller, more intimate group that you will get to know better, and you will have more time to paint.  You will also get more 1:1 guidance from me.

If you've scrolled this far and still aren't sure - think of it this way:

PYIV is much cheaper than 1:1 therapy, and can be used as preventive care. If you buy a single session (135 minutes) you only pay $55, whereas a 60 minute therapy session costs $100+! If you buy 8 PYIV sessions you get 18 hours of therapeutic art for $379 ! 18 hours of 1:1 therapy would cost you $1,800!!

You can go through the rest of your one precious life ignoring your inner voice, or you can find out what it has to say, and live your life more authentically.

How would you live differently if you felt clear, empowered, and sure of yourself?

Your mental health is worth it! 

You're Worth it.