Paint Your Inner Voice

Discover the answers waiting within you



  • constantly feel like something's missing, but you're not sure what.

  • would love to make art but don't allow yourself to do so.

  • have art scars from hurtful past comments or experiences.


  • feel partly lost and unfulfilled.


  • are tired of looking for solutions, advice, and answers outside of yourself.

  • long for a deeper connection with other women in community.

 That’s exactly why you’re going to love
Paint Your Inner Voice!

Designed for complete beginners or veteran painters - PYIV is about the process and not the product!

Let go of your worries and enjoy the present moment!

Paint with other women in a safe, supportive group!

Be amazed and inspired by what emerges from yourself and the other group members!


Learn to actively hear your inner voice speaking to you moment by moment and hone your intuition!


Journal with your painting and harvest your deep, inner wisdom!

Heal your art scars and rediscover the joy of painting!

Overcome self-doubt  and quiet your loud inner critic!

Be guided by an experienced art therapist who regularly uses this method herself.


Hi! I'm Hailey Tallman and I've been in love with process painting since I was a 16 year old art student!  Sadly, I didn't always make art even though I loved it. You see, I got derailed and lost many a time after looking outside of myself for my path. I trusted the opinions and advice of others more than I trusted my inner voice.  I even became an art therapist so that I could help others use creativity to heal themselves - meanwhile I wasn't even making my own art!


Once I finally started process painting again, I got back in touch with my inner voice and I knew there was no looking back! Paint Your Inner Voice is the method that I've developed to help you delved into the rich world of intuitive process painting and rediscover your inner voice. I want every woman to trust her wise inner knowing and creatively follow her calling. This method will bring you back to yourself and what's most important to you while also reminding you how connected we all are through painting in a safe community. 


Join me, and let the simple materials of paint on paper and your pencil in your journal reveal the answers waiting within you!

  “PYIV exceeded my expectations because I have gotten to have a better idea of what my purpose is.”
- anonymous  

 "Before working with Hailey i had extreme issues with my self worth, without even knowing it. Now, I’ve been working towards loving myself and have seen a night and day difference in how i treat myself." 

- Sophia P.

"I feel empowered to make more positive changes in my life after working with her and she has encouraged me at every step by helping me tap into, honour and trust my true self." - Abby M.

  "My sessions with Hailey were both empowering and inspiring. They helped me to look at old patterns of my life but not get stuck there and really move into creating new patterns, new pathways and healthy, positive emotions, thinking, and communication." - Kayla H.


London, ON, Canada

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