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Brave New Things

When it comes to art - especially painting and drawing - so many adults are terrified. This might seem like an exaggeration, but no, I mean it: truly terrified. I know, because they tell me all the time. When I was working with younger kids, my first sessions were always with them and their parents and my intake assessment involved drawing some simple shapes. I would say “ok so we’re going to make some art together” and the parents.....!! I reassured them right away that all they had to draw were hearts and squares, but many of them betrayed so much fear on their faces!! For many of us who stop making art for years and years (some not since kindergarten!!) making it again can feel like something completely new, which can bring up insecurities, self-doubt, fear of failure or humiliation! So imagine how rich it can be to USE art to help you WORK THROUGH those fears with a trusted professional?!? I KNOW the longing to paint and express yourself visually!! The desire to dive into the textures and colours of paint, to smear creamy pastels across paper, to feel parts of yourself reflected back to you in the dark and light contrasts of black charcoal on white paper. I’ve felt it since I was a child and went through long periods where I didn’t allow myself to make art because it had been too long and: It felt like the first time I told myself I didn’t know what I was doing and therefore shouldn’t do it I worried what it would mean about me if it “didn’t turn out right” It was “just art” so it didn’t matter anyways. But it DID matter. My soul longed for it! It hurt me deeply to deny myself like that! It wasn’t about “just making art” but about honoring my soul’s deep longing to explore and express myself visually! And once I overcame my blocks and just started DOING it, the most incredible things started emerging!! They bore deep meaning and gave me incredible insights!! And the feeling of no longer denying myself and letting my hands and heart flow freely....!!!! (can’t be expressed with words alone)!!! So I’ve decided that that’s what I do now: I help women who long to express their innermost selves do so! I help them self-actualize, overcome blocks and barriers (mental, emotional) that are holding them back, so they can bring their most amazing, most powerful, rich, intelligent, and kick-ass selves into their lives and stop being afraid to shine!!! The picture and message of this post are for me as much as they are for you, my friends: be brave enough to be bad at something new - I’m very scared about this pivot from doing clinical art therapy with kids to now doing creative healing with women - but I have to do it, just like I knew I had to make art again, or my soul would suffer!! Tell me in the comments: What new thing are you trying, or really want to try but are afraid?! Let’s be vulnerable and share so we can support each other!!

Thanks Jon Acuff for the quote! Thanks @friday_concepts for the art! <3