- Masters of Creative Arts Therapies: Art Therapy Specialisation

from Concordia University

- Professional Member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association

My life path has lead me on a journey around the world, from being a teacher, to becoming a creative arts therapist.
I have had the privilege of doing creative art therapy with holocaust survivors, sexual abuse survivors, refugees, adolescents, children, couples and families. I spent all of 2016 doing art therapy with youth in an orphanage in Guatemala.  In 2017 I opened my private practice in London, Ontario, and have been becoming more and more convinced of the power and importance of creativity in our lives. With it, we can face and solve any obstacle. I know and have witnessed firsthand the power and healing that comes from having the courage to be vulnerable and create, even when you do not know the next step. Therein lies resilience and the ability to face the world with newfound confidence. I wholeheartedly believe in the strength of my clients.

My "Paint Your Inner Voice" process is a combination of intuitive painting and art therapist Pat Allen's "Intention Witness" journalling process. I love both, and have found that using them together leads participants to profound reflections and insights gleaned from their artwork. Doing "Paint Your Inner Voice" in a safely contained group (no judgements, no comments) allows participants to first mindfully paint, deeply witness and journal with their own work. Then, they are respectfully witnessed as they describe and share with the group what has been revealed to them through dialoguing with their art. Often, participants feel their worry, joy, pain, and awe reflected in the artwork and words of the person sharing. This process is a much-needed way of reconnecting with our inner voices - those still silent voices that tell us our heart's desires. It also reconnects us to our fellow humans as we remember through holding space for each other's vulnerability how similar we all are at heart.   
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