Action is the antidote to despair - Joan Baez

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with Hailey Tallman, Art Therapist

"Action is the antidote to despair"
- Joan Baez
Who Can Do Art Therapy?

Art therapy is for anyone who is open to exploring their thoughts, emotions, difficulties and inner world through creative expression.  You do not have to consider yourself an artist or have any previous experience. While the final art piece can be and often is discussed between the  therapist and the client, the process and experience of creating is equally important.

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Why Do Art Therapy?
  • Express your emotions safely in a contained way

  • Get unstuck

  • Gain self-understanding and self-love

  • Receive unconditional support from an art therapist

  • Solve problems and overcome obstacles in life

  • Rediscover your creative calling

  • Overcome self-doubt and quiet your inner critic

Art works well with tweens/teens as they are naturally creative and drawn to art-making. Through therapeutic art techniques, teens and tweens can find the space to express their inner worlds through images, which some find much easier to do than through words.


The Paint Your Inner Voice Practice

Like meditation, Paint Your Inner Voice is best done as a regular practice in order to see lasting, impactful results. If practiced regularly, PYIV can improve your:

  • focus

  • self-knowledge

  • trust in your intuition

  • anxiety

Small groups meet weekly on Zoom

Paint Your Inner Voice
Community Session

*Offered online* - Next Session: July 31st, 2021 @ 1-3 pm EST

Discover how having the courage to spontaneously create within a group leads you to explore and discover your:

  • vulnerability

  • creativity

  • authenticity

  • inner voice!


Sliding scale - minimum of $7

Oil Painting

Learn how to reconnect with your inner voice and creative source to rediscover what animates you! Work one on one with Hailey for guidance through personal challenges.  Discover life-changing insights in your artwork and express what you cannot say with words.

About Hailey

- Masters of Creative Arts Therapies: Art Therapy Specialisation - Concordia University

- Professional Member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association

My life path has lead me on a journey around the world, from being a teacher, to becoming an art therapist.
I have had the privilege of doing art therapy with holocaust survivors, sexual abuse survivors, refugees, adolescents, children, couples and families. In 2016 I spent a year doing art therapy with youth in an orphanage in Guatemala.  In 2017 I opened my private practice in London, Ontario. I know and have witnessed firsthand the power and healing that comes from having the courage to be vulnerable and create, even when you do not know the next step. Therein lies resilience and the ability to face the world with newfound confidence. I wholeheartedly believe in the strength of my clients.

Artist with Paintbrushes

“Creating is never about changing yourself; it is about meeting yourself, probing deep into your own core. Creation wants only to fulfil your deepest desire: to know and accept yourself as you are."

Stuart Cubley, Author of Life, Paint and Passion

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